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What To Expect

Here are a few things that you can expect when you attend a service at Redeemer Covenant Church. Dress ranges from jeans and tees to suits and ties. We are more concerned that you are prepared to hear from and worship the Risen Christ than what you are wearing. We sing mostly hymns with some contemporary songs here and there. They are accompanied by piano and guitar. The main point is that they are theologically rich and God-Centered. The sermon usually runs about 45-55 minutes and it will be deep, rich, and thoroughly Biblical.

At the present time we are experimenting with a different Lord’s Day schedule where we have a simple sack lunch at 12:15 and then an afternoon service at 1:30. This allows us to stay engaged for the entire day and get done around 3:00PM.

In addition to these things, we usually have a Complete, carry-in fellowship meal after the service on the second Sunday of the month. We hope you will stick around and enjoy the meal with us.