Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is a broad coalition of evangelical Christians from various denominations, including Baptist, Congregational (Independent), Anglican (Episcopal), Presbyterian, Reformed, and Lutheran. The purpose of the Alliance’s existence is to call the Church, amidst a dying culture, to repent of its worldliness, to recover and confess the truth of God’s Word as did the reformers, and to see that truth embodied in doctrine, worship, and life.

Fellowship of  Independent Reformed Evangelicals

F.I.R.E. is a network of churches, not an independent organization. There is no membership fee. Each project is initiated and overseen by a local church. Other churches may be invited to participate by sharing their time or resources. The success of the network is dependent on the committed involvement of the members.

Northwest Ohio Reformation Society

The Northwest Ohio Reformation Society is a ministry of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Our mission is to encourage, embolden, and equip ministers and other church leaders for the work of Biblical reformation in the churches. Our purpose is to create a “society” of Christian pastors and leaders who will meet and labor together for the sake of the Gospel of Grace in the churches of local and regional areas. We seek to be of one mind in the Lord beyond our individual church and denominational affiliations.

Sermons in Song / Reconciliation Band

How do you make a sermon more memorable? Set it to music, of course! King David, Jeremiah, and even the Apostle Paul used this idea to drive the message of God’s revelation firmly into the hearts of the people. This is our goal with Sermons in Song, strengthening churches by the preaching of the gospel according to Colossians 3:16.