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The Benefits of Death in this Life (Ecclesiastes 7:1-5)

Ecclesiastes 7:1-5, The Benifits of Death in this Life, Preached by Pastor Caleb Hackworth on Sunday, February 21, 2016 in the wake of the passing of Pastor Kevin T. Hoffman.

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Missions Conference 2015

We had the privilege of hearing from two guest speakers and from Pastor Kevin over the course of the weekend. It is our hope that the conference messages have made you think a bit differently about Missions. Listen as we hear what the Bible has to say about Praying for Missionaries, Being Called to Missions and Giving to Missions.


Rick Hudson, Missionary with Fellowship International Missions spoke to us on Friday evening about Praying for our Missionaries from Ephesians 6:18-19.

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Church Planter Larry Oldaker who serves with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, spoke to us on Saturday evening about the Call to Missions from Acts 13:1-5.

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Pastor Kevin wrapped things up on Sunday morning as he spoke to us about Giving to Missions from Philippians 4:10-20.

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